Welcome Information

Welcome to the Chipperfield Choral Society 2023-24 season

As a prospective new member of Chipperfield Choral Society, welcome, we hope you will enjoy singing with us.

There are no auditions so relax, enjoy the music and just start by listening if you want to!

We have a short break from around 8.45 - 9pm, where tea, coffee and biscuits are available (for only 20p). So please have a dribk and take the opportunity to chat and get to know the other choir members. 

Before we can loan music details we will need your contact details, so upon arrival you will be given an application form to join the choir. For the first 3 weeks, you are welcome to attend rehearsals free of charge, so you can get a feel of the choir and if this is a group you would like to join.

Then, if you would like to join the choir the annual subscription is £90 for the season, which consists of three terms each ending with a concert. 

For all the rehearsals and concerts that we enjoy this is outstanding value compared with the subs of other local societies. However, as we have an anticipated deficit over the year due to rising costs, an additional voluntary contribution (of a suggested £30) would be greatly appreciated.

If you are a current tax payer please ask for a Gift Aid form to enable us to claim the tax. We are a registered charity, and every penny counts. 

The September term starts with rehearsals for the Spring Concert, before turning to the Christmas music shortly after the AGM in October.

For the Christmas concerts you will need to purchase your own copy of the Oxford ‘Carols for Choirs 1’ (green cover) but do check first with our Librarian, Sheila Malin, who can give you more information. If she has spare copies she may be able to loan you one in the short-term until you have your own.

Other music will be loaned to you and it must be returned promptly. This usually happens directly after a concert, or at the next rehearsal. Please take care of all music and any marks should be made lightly in soft pencil only and erased before its returnSome of the music we use is hired and does not belong to us.

If you know in advance that you won’t be taking part in a concert please return the music beforehand.

A black music folder is provided for use at concerts, which is the property of the choir and must be returned to Sheila if you leave.  

Concert dress is confirmed before each concert.

Typically the dress code is as follows:

  • Either an evening suit, with white shirt and black bow tie
  • Or a plain black shirt with evening suit trousers
  • A long black skirt or black trousers with a black top (long sleeve or ¾ sleeve)
  • A blue scarf which will be provided and must also be returned if you leave.

Key dates for the season are as follows –  
Summer Concert
Sat, 22 Jun 2024
Summer Concert

We are also planning a social event, our popular quiz night on 9th March.

If you have any queries about the choir or rehearsals and concerts or any other concerns please do not hesitate to ask, our Chairman Sue Gervaise-Jones or another member of the Committee, who will be pleased to help.  For each voice section there are Voice Reps who take part in Committee meetings.