The Choral Society performed two lesser known choral gems by Dvorak and Haydn together with the much loved Mystical Songs by Vaughan Williams at their recent concert in St John's Church in Boxmoor. The choir and orchestra were inspiringly conducted by the Choir's Musical Director, Delia Meehan, so, with a fine line-up of young soloists: Fflur Wyn (Soprano), Rosemary Clifford (Mezzo Soprano), Alex Haigh (Tenor) and Alex Ashworth (Baritone) , the audience were treated to an evening of truly beautiful music.


    Much of Dvorak's music is well known and one work in particular was made famous by its use for a well known brand of brown bread advertisement a few years ago. The characteristic Bohemian folk melodies are never far away in the lyrical Te Deum and choir and orchestra successfully captured the Bohemian spirit of this beautiful work.


    Written in 1796 during the war between Napoleon's French forces and much of the rest of Europe, including Austria, Haydn's Mass in Time of War is often celebratory but does also hint at the darker side of war. Once again, choir and soloists worked well together to convey the beauty of the music.


    Thanks to a very sensitive performance by Alex Ashworth, empathetically supported by the choir, the Five Mystical Songs received a performance that reached right into the mystical heart of this dramatic work.


    Our next concert will be on June 18th and will be Eternal Light by Howard Goodall and Benedicite by Andrew Carter.



If you would like to join the choir, please come along any Thursday evening to Chipperfield Village Hall at 7 30pm where you will be assured of a warm welcome and some great singing.