• Chipperfield Choral Society and children from St Paul’s School performed Benedicite by Andrew Carter at their recent concert in St Paul’s Church. This lyrical piece, which was inspired by the Benedicite carvings in York Minster, was commissioned by the British Federation of Young Choirs and contains three movements for children’s choir which were sung by the young people from the school. They performed confidently and beautifully. There are clearly some very talented musicians in the group of 12 that came from the school. We should like to thank Caroline Moore, Head Teacher of St Paul's for supporting this project and very special thanks to Helena Fetto, one of the parents at the school, who prepared the children so competently. We all hope that taking part in such an inspiring work will enthuse the young people with the joys of singing and who knows, they might be singing in St Paul's as members of the Choral Society in later life!

    The concert also featured Eternal Light, a modern Requiem by Howard Goodall, perhaps best known for the theme music for The Vicar of Dibley, but also a renowned composer of contemporary choral music. Eternal Light reflects on the traditional words of the Latin Mass and juxtaposes them with poems in English and thus, indeed, becomes a modern Requiem. The choir achieved many moving moments in the performance and anyone who was lucky enough to get a ticket for the sold out concert will remember an evening of outstanding music for years to come.

    The concert, under the inspiring leadership of our Musical Director, Delia Meehan,  was enhanced by wonderful performances from soloists Catrin Lewis and Alex Haigh. Excellent orchestral support was provided by the 'orchestra' consisting of Rosemary Venner and Carole Oakes on piano and Jonathan Lee on the organ.


If you would like to join the choir, please come along any Thursday evening to Chipperfield Village Hall at 7 30pm where you will be assured of a warm welcome and some great singing.